Friday, August 08, 2008


We just finished with our English/Sports Camp and it was really a great time! In fact, of the 5 Czech camps that I've been a part of, I think there was more of an openness about spiritual things at this one than the others. Each day, I taught a beginner English class, did some fun/crazy team games (I can tell those good stories later), and I led worship for our evening rallies (when I had a voice to sing with!). I was also able to share my testimony with the group of over 80 campers and tell about God's leading in my life. It just seemed like there were so many who had some really good, spiritually-seeking questions. I'm looking forward to connecting with a lot of these campers in the next few weeks! Here are a few pictures I have, but there'll be more to come as I grab them from other people's cameras! :)

My English Class

A funny skit from my English class

Honza and me

2 Phils and 2 Peters

At the after-camp worship service/cookout at Majak

me, what can i say

what's left after the cookout


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