Sunday, November 11, 2007

English Teachers' Retreat

One of my main responsibilities here in Brno is director of the English program at Majak. We've got a great team of teachers this semester: Sabrina Hadsell, Marian Graham, Alicia Robertson, Kristy Baysinger, and me. Before we started the semester we took a little retreat to get away and plan for our English semester. Our planning was not only for logistical issues, but a lot of it was spiritual preparation and praying for our students, many of whom we hadn't even met yet. It was a great...and very important...time for our team. It just always amazes me to see how God can take a group of otherwise strangers and bring them together to work for His glory.

And, yes, we had just a little bit of fun too. Our retreat location was the little town of Telc, a couple hours from Brno. We stayed right in the center of town and it happened to be right during the time of a Medieval Festival. Let me tell you, a medieval festival IN Europe is amazing. Enjoy the pictures!

Majak English Teachers: Kristy, Marian, Phil, Alicia, Sabrina

Telc from a church tower


Telc from our penzion window

Medieval Festival at Telc

Telc - I love it!

Me, trying my hand at shooting a medieval, high tech bow and arrow

Drinking Kofola, Czech's own special beverage. It's basically Coke and black licorice...sound good?!


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