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The bad blogger is back. It's just sick that the last time I blogged was in the summer. So much has happened since then. But then, I seem to say that every time I blog. I am even afraid to make a new commitment to blog more, but I'm going to try. So, anyway, I'm going to do a little pictorial recap of the last few months to give you an idea of what's been happening with me here in Czech.

First, I had a great flatmate for the summer, Traver Butcher! He was here for 4 months and in October went back across the ocean. I miss him, and I find that I'm talking to myself a little more at home now.
Traver and me at some castle ruins that we visited at English Camp
No summer is complete without a few trips to Prague. We even made one of them in the middle of the night.
In July, we had to say goodbye to our great friends, the McNett's. We miss them a lot here in Czech, but God is already doing great things through them in Michigan!

There were pirates everywhere!
The best camp team ever - The Deadly Deck Swabbers

Many of you have heard my exciting camp game stories. This year I just added to the collection of these stories. This picture shows one game where our team had to build a raft of entirely natural materials, put "a fire" on it, have four people swim it across the lake (that was me!) without getting their hair or flesh singed off, take it onto the land on the other side, and cook an egg in a pan on the fire. The first team to hard boil the egg was the winner. Somehow, that was us!

A few of us took a week off and took an 18 hour bus ride to Rome, Italy. This is us at the Colosseum.
Some of the forum ruins
A weird picture taken at the Spanish steps, still in Rome.
A strange highlight for us Protestants was seeing the Pope. We got tickets to a Pope "viewing" and were blessed by him in a number of languages.
And of course, some good, ole Italian gelato!!!

In September, in order to bring our ministry center up to fire code, we had a work week. This week turned into 3 weeks where we dry walled all the ceilings in the English department, then mudded, sanded, painted and repainted and then steam-cleaned all the carpets. It was a long week, but we've got some nice looking ceilings now!

Some of our handiwork!


At 10:57 AM, Blogger Suzie said...

I have 3 comments:
1 - what is this fire game?! I love it! It's kind of like Survivor!
2 - why is your gelato cone so much larger than that of your friend?
3 - nice handiwork on the new ceilings, but I'll bet you didn't dunk your tie in the toilet this time, did you? :)


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