Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bad blogger!!!

I've been a bad blogger...again! I can't believe that the last thing I posted on here was from Thanksgiving! In my defense, though, I had computer problems for a couple of months. So I have lots to tell. I'll try to post quite a few pictures, though, and let them do the talking. Enjoy!!! Here's a few now and I'll post more later.

This is our missionary team picture for Christmas 2006. It's such a blessing having this wonderful family here in Brno.

This is from the Christmas party I had at my home at Christmas. A couple of the missionaries invited many of our friends for fun, food, and games. This is my friend Marek and his girlfriend.
These are my fiends Ivo and Lukas at the Christmas party. Many of you have heard me talk about Ivo! He is a great guy and I pray that God will draw him to Himself.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Mimi said...

Hey, Phil! Just wanted to let you know that we miss you back here in West Chester, Ohio!! You are in my prayers! It looks like you are having a wonderful time! I'll try and actually send you some pictures of Zach, he is so big now! Like I said, we miss you and think about "Phil moments" often!See you soon!!


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