Friday, August 18, 2006

Weekend full of memories...

Last weekend, I got to visit one of my former "homes." It was one of those times where I was flooded with memories. I shared at Bryant Wesleyan Church in on Sunday morning and evening. This is the place I lived from 5 years old to my first year in college. This is pretty unusual for a pastor's kid, like me. I realized that these friends literally saw me grow up and have a nice amount of juice on me. It was great to see people who were my Sunday School teachers and friends and friend's parents and share with them about where God is leading me. One of my Sunday School teachers even said last weekend that she feels a sense of pride when I come and talk about missions because she has had a big part in my life. So many of them have!

Since then, I've lived in lots of other places, in the states and far away. But being in Bryant, IN last weekend, which is sort of in the middle of nowhere, made me proud again about growing up there and, I guess, the roots that I have there. The words of the song "Boondocks" (by my new favorite group, "Little Big Town") ran through my head a lot over the weekend.

"It's where I learned about livin', it's where I learned about love
It's where I learned about workin' hard and havin' a little was just enough
It's where I learned about Jesus and knowin' where I stand
You can take it or leave it, this is me, this is who I am."

It sounds kind of dorky and sentinmental, but I am so glad that I grew up there and learned the things I did from the wonderful people in Bryant.


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