Monday, July 31, 2006

"I tell no one any story but his own."

Lately, I have been listening to "The Chronicles of Narnia" on CD as I travel around and I just finished "The Horse and His Boy." In this chronicle, Shasta is running far away to the north - to Narnia. On this journey, he has all kinds of exciting, scary, and painful adventures. The coolest part of this story for me - and what hit me in the car as I was listening - is when Shasta finds out that it has been Aslan the Lion who has been with him every step of the way.

"I was the lion who forced you to join with Aravis. I was the cat who comforted you among the houses of the dead. I was the lion who drove the jackals from you while you slept. I was the lion who gave the Horses the new strength of fear for the last mile so that you should reach King Lune in time. And I was the lion you do not remember who pushed the boat in which you lay, a child near death, so that it came to shore where a man sat, wakeful at midnight, to receive you."

"Then it was you who wounded Aravis?"
"It was I."
"But what for?"
"Child," said the Voice, "I am telling you your own story, not hers. I tell no one any story but his own."

I think this impacted me so much because it's easy to see God in the good and happy things in our lives. The things that turned out right. But what is so important for us to understand is that God is also there in the times that hurt. That hurt like crazy and we don't understand why. I look at my life and I see so many things that didn't turn out the way that I had planned. I am just now, though, beginning to see how God was so IN those things. And as Aslan told Shasta, we are in a story. I am in a story. This great, amazing drama that is unfolding God's story. And while I may only be told my part and no one else's, I am in His story. How amazing that I am in it.


At 8:58 PM, Blogger ZuphChic said...

That was one of my favorite parts must be because we're "Sisters"!!

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Phil said...

sThat must be it! I don't think that part really stuck out to me when I read them...just this last time when I listened to it!


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