Monday, October 16, 2006

English Classes

Well, the first week of English classes here at Majak Ministry Center is finished and the second is about to begin! And, it's been great!

Since I will be focusing mainly on language learning for the first 6 months-1 year that I'm here, I do not have a heavy load of English courses. I am teaching the Introduction English class two nights a week. This class is for students who have very little, if any, English langauge training. I love this is such a fun challenge for me! We've already learned the alphabet, numbers, and how to introduce ourselves. I've also gotten a chance to practice my (not-so-great) Czech with them, since that don't understand much of the English that I speak.

I have 7 students in this class and I know that God brought them here for a reason. Please pray with me that I will take opportunities to share the love of Christ with them in a variety of ways, throughout the semester.


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