Monday, May 12, 2008

The Billa Card

I know I should be blogging about something a little more substantial after NOT blogging for so long, but I had to share. Today, I worked up the courage to turn in my application for a discount card at our local grocery store, Billa. I know it sounds stupid, but I'd been wondering for so long why some people had this special card in line at the grocery store, and why the nice "Billa ladies" (the store workers) always asked about it but never really told me how I could get one. They also realized my limited Czech and I think they just wanted to scoot me out of the store as quickly as possible.
Well, one day, months ago, I finally worked up the courage and vocabulary to ask how I could get a card. Laughingly, the nice Billa lady, Sona, explained and gave me an application. In the weeks before this, she had begun to realize that I STILL didn't have a Billa card, even though she continued to ask me each time I came through her line.
All that to was my day. I waited until Sona was working the cash register and didn't have much of a line and proudly handed her my application and said something in Czech about how I finally brought it in. And she handed me my Billa Club Card. I have NEVER been so proud of a card I've gotten. And now I know that Billa is 'Víc než nakupování,' as it says on the card. (More than Shopping!)


At 9:31 AM, Blogger Suzie said...

Yeah! What an accomplishment! I would say if you can get the Billa card, you can now do almost anything! Looking forward to possibly seeing you in the states soon! Suzie

At 3:34 AM, Blogger Jason said...

I have a Billa card too after wondering for months how you obtained this mystical card I finally got one! - but what the heck is it for I've used it for months now spending hundreds on it but seemingly getting nothing back in return???? Does anyone know what you get for this card?


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